Peter Richards

Welcome to the site for the artist, Peter Richards. His work is abstract and intense. The rich strong colour or soft subtle hues are there to give you a chance to contemplate. You will need to give time to the works to enjoy them to the full, to live with them seeing them in different lights and in the light of your mood at the time. You are free to let your emotions react with the work, your personal memories return as you let the abstract shapes and colours work their magic.

The work is not aggressive. It will sit happily in a traditionally furnished home or an ultra modern living space. It is contemporary yet timeless. It is decorative and charming as furniture yet comes into its own when asked by the serious viewer who wants to sit and stare.

The artist believes that we all store everything we see during our waking lives. This store of colours and shapes with the attached emotional responses are unique and personal and mostly lost until something triggers their reappearance. The abstract image may set the brain to searching the lost files and, like a sound or a particular smell, the lost memory is rediscovered along with the emotions. These will be different for us all and only parts of the artist’s intention will transfer to the new viewer.

All artists, writers and composers have noted how imperfect the transference of their intention is but once accepted as inevitable both artist and viewer have to enjoy the experience.
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